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We will update the page daily or as items are purchased and no longer available. Items will go to the first buyer determined by the time we receive the email.

Email us at fourgeartrans@aol.com


1961-65 T10 Close Ratio Cluster gears 17-19-22-28 Tooth or 1961-65 Wide Ratio Cluster Gears 17-19-22-26 Tooth on sale till July 28, 2016 only $149.00 each, limit of 2 per customer


We have an overstock situation with Fine (26) Spline M21 (26 Tooth) Close Ratio Input Gears and
Fine (26) Spline M20 (21 Tooth) Wide Ratio.
These are correct for the 1970 to 1974 Muncie 4 Speeds for Corvettes and GM Passenger Cars.
List Price is $119.00 and we are selling them for $99.00 each until stock is reduced.  
Please request using Part Number M297-16-SPL for the M21Close Ratio Inputs. 
Email us at fourgeartrans@aol.com with your order or questions.


NEW 1957-65 T10 Mainshafts to be used with the bushed and non-bushed 3rd Gears. Hard to find items.
T10-2 1957-60 16 Spline Output $155.00 ea.(for bushed 3rd)

T10D-2 1960-65 27 Spline Output $155.00 ea.(for non-bushed 3rd)

T10D-2 1960-65 27 Spline Output $155.00 ea.(for non-bushed 3rd) 


These are all the parts you need to convert your worn out Muncie 4 Speed to a M22 "Rock Crusher". Includes the new M22 Gear Set (Input, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Cluster and Front Reverse Idler Gears); Syncro Assemblies (Hub, Sleeves, rings and Keys with Springs); complete rebuild kit with roller bearings, seals, gaskets, countershaft, small parts and etc. See Pic above.
Cost: Close Ratio 2.20 $1145.00
Wide Ratio 2.52 $1175.00
Email us at fourgeartrans@aol.com for more information or to place order.


If you do not need the above complete conversion kit we also sell the M22 Gear Set alone. Includes either 26 or 10 Spline Input Gear, 1" Bore Cluster Gear, Front Idler Gear and the First, Second and Third Gears. Use the following Part Numbers when ordering:
M22T10 or 26 Spline Input Gear Close Ratio 2.20 priced @ $733.00 per set
M22TW10 or 26 Spline Input Gear Wide Ratio 2.52 priced @ $765.00 per set